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Check out our line of Professional Car Care Products, we produce only the highest quality products used by professional auto detailers and car enthusiasts.

Protective Polymer Paint Coating - 8 oz Bottle


Available in an 8 oz Kit w/Applicator & Microfiber

Polymer Protective Paint Coating 8 oz   Paint Coating Kit

Quick Detail Spray - 16 oz Bottle


Tire and Trim Sealant

Quick Detail Spray waterless wash clay bar lubricant glass cleaner   Look But Don't Touch Car Magnets

The Best Metal Polish 8oz Bottle

Metal and Aluminum Polish  

Auto Detailer products

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CAR-SHOW 1™ Protective Paint Coating is simply the BEST product on the market. You will be Amazed how easy it is to use. Boosted by PolyCharger®, this coating provides superior long lasting protection that bonds to the paint's surface and creates a deep wet-look shine that outlasts any other product. No other products even come close to Car-Show 1™ 



Polymer Protective Paint Sealer Coating


Why pay $400 or more at the dealer for paint protection