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CAR-SHOW 1™ Protective Paint Coating is simply the BEST product on the market. You will be Amazed how easy it is to use. Boosted by PolyCharger®, this coating provides superior long lasting protection that bonds to the paint's surface and creates a deep wet-look shine that outlasts any other product. No other products even come close to Car-Show 1™ 



Polymer Protective Paint Sealer Coating


Why pay $400 or more at the dealer for paint protection

Available in an 8 oz Bottle


Available in an 8 oz Kit w/Applicator & Microfiber

Protective Paint Coating 8 oz   Paint Coating Kit

CAR-SHOW 1™ Protective Paint Coating bonds to surfaces by creating a chemically induced positive charge on painted surfaces. This positive charge enables the coating to strongly bond to the surface producing an extremely long lasting and durable level of protection from UV damage, water spotting and fading, that lasts up to one year. Creates a super slick and deep dark wet look. Works well on wheels and chrome surfaces.


DIRECTIONS: Shake well. Be sure surface is clean dry and cool. Apply two dime size amounts to a foam applicator. Spread in a circular overlapping motion to be sure all areas are fully covered. Allow at least 30 minutes to bond before removing residue with a clean dry microfiber towel. You may experience slight static electricity while removing residue and may see more than usual dust accumulation for the first 4 hours after use as the positive charge can attract dust. Positive charge will return to neutral in 2 to 4 hours. Wipe any dust off with a clean dry microfiber. A second coating can be applied after 4 hours.
Car can be washed after 24 hours. Enjoy your new shine!


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No other product even comes close to the protection you get from
Car-Show 1™ Protective Paint Coating