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CAR-SHOW1 Car Care Products is dedicated to bringing you the best and the latest car care products available, we work constantly on improving car care products to help you protect your vehicles.


Why should you use CAR-SHOW 1™ Protective Paint Coating?

CAR-SHOW 1™ Protective Paint Coating bonds to surfaces by creating a chemically induced positive charge on painted surfaces. This positive charge enables the coating to strongly bond to the surface producing an extremely long lasting and durable level of protection from UV damage, water spotting and fading that lasts up to one year. Creates a super slick and deep dark wet look. Works well on wheels and chrome surfaces.


My dealer added a paint sealant and said my car will never need waxing again, is this true?
ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is truly a play on words, meaning that 'sealant ' (which does last longer than wax) still needs to be re-applied. Hence the statement "never wax again", simply means sealant rather than wax must be applied again. If you paid the dealer for this coating you will find that the contract requires you to have this re-applied at specified periods, to maintain the warranty.


I have a clear coat and the salesperson told me it would NEVER needs waxing. Is this true?
FALSE. The fact is 'clear coat' is simply part of the paint system used on most cars and trucks manufactured since the early 1990's. This paint process consists of first painting the color (pigmented paint). After the color has been applied, a clear coat paint is added to make the finish hard and glossy. Older (pre 1990's and some newer) paints consist of a single stage paint, where the gloss and hardness is mixed with the color (pigment). Today's clear coats simply make the paint look much more translucent with a deeper shine. Fact is both paint systems MUST be waxed or sealed to protect them from the sun, pollution and other harmful elements.


Polymer Paint Sealant by Car-Show 1