Tire and Trim Restorer - Polymer Protectant

Tire & Trim Sealant

Tire & Trim Sealant uses polymer coating technology that can be applied to most flexible automotive surfaces (vinyl, rubber and plastic) to coat, seal, protect and beautify. No ordinary “dressing” lasts as long or protects as well against pollution, ultra violet light (sun), road salts, harmful ozone and more.


A small amount goes a long way to beautify tires, bumper trim, plastic grills, fascia, valances, rocker panels and engine compartment.


Directions: Shake well before using. For exterior use only. The area to be treated must be clean and dry. For tires, spray directly on the tire and rub in with a foam applicator.


For trim, spray on a foam applicator and apply to trim. After application, allow to dry without buffing. For additional gloss on tires, a second coat may be applied after 20 minutes. When washing tires treated with Tire & Trim Sealant, it is not necessary to use harsh cleaners and detergents.


Your tires will clean up nicely with soap and water and stay looking great for months, not days or weeks.

CAR-SHOW 1 Tire and Trin Restorer

We treated this 20 year old top on the 1969 Camaro Convertible and made it look like new

Vinyl Dressing Polymer protectant

Tire and trim sealant on plastic trim


Professional Grade, Multi-Surface Tire & Trim Sealant that lasts for MONTHS, not days or weeks


NO-SLING formula, revives color, protects rubber, vinyl and plastic, your tires will clean up easy with soap and water


Protects against pollution, UV Sunlight, road salts, creosote and more


Use sparingly, a little bit goes a long way.


Provides a long lasting benefit to your rubber and plastic surfaces


Easy to apply, MADE IN USA, VOC Compliant, 100% Guaranteed


One Coat give a beautiful Satin Finish like New tires!

Tire dressing


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